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East Mount Barren Walk


East Mount Barren Walk Bush walk  

The East Mount Barren walk may look rough but it is a moderately easy footpath with only 200 metres of ascent.  From a distance it looks as barren as its name, yet along the path the bright green plants and flowers are set off beautifully by the brilliant white quartzite rocks.

The path is steep but sound and provided with white-tipped stakes to show the way through the rocks.  The stakes are sometimes hard to see amongst the varied bush and rocks so be sure you spot the next one before moving on. 

The slope becomes easier as you climb and you cross two flat areas between rock ridges.  The last section looks a forbidding rock wall but the path leads you to clefts providing an easy scramble under spectacular overhangs and you suddenly find yourself at the rocky and totally photogenic summit.

The view is nothing short of tremendous, covering 100 km of 
varied coastline from Doubtful Islands to Mason Point and reaching inland 50 km up the continental slope. 

East Mount Walk Bush walk