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The Fitzgerald Coast is an undiscovered wilderness where wildflowers, farming and agriculture meet the pristine coast with white sand that squeaks.

It is a gateway to the Fitzgerald River National Park one of the most botanically significant parks in Australia. You will find 1,800 species of wildflowers, ancient mountain ranges, rocky hills, rugged river valleys, estuaries and large inlets provide the area with a wealth of natural beauty.

Take in the stunning scenery, swim at the most beautiful remote beaches and watch the vivid sunsets. Hopetoun lies on the shores of the beautiful Mary Ann Haven on Western Australia’s Fitzgerald Coast overlooking the East Mt Barren in the Fitzgerald River National Park.

Experience the history Ravensthorpe has to offer, or go 4WD  or trail bike riding on the famous Ravensthorpe Ranges surrounding the town while discovering a variety of Wildflowers significant to the area (especially in spring).