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Fitzgerald River National Park

Fitzgerald River National Park

Unique, Special, Diverse 

Fitzgerald River National Park is one of the larger national parks in Western Australia. It has 330,000 hectares of unspoiled wilderness located on one of the most magnificent stretches of Australian coast. It is one of the largest and most botanically significant national parks in Australia, with approximately 15 per cent of the State's described plant species.

The park protects magnificent scenery and is one of the most flora-rich conservation areas in Western Australia. They include 22 mammal species, 41 reptile species and 12 frog species. The park has more than 200 bird species, including rare species such as the ground parrot, western whipbird and the western bristlebird. There are wallabies, kangaroos, brushtail and honey possums plus many others.

Much of the rugged scenery of mountains, river valleys and coastline with pristine beaches is easily accessible by 2WD, while 4WD tracks are sign posted.

The central wilderness area is accessible by foot only.

$40million dollar renovations

June 2014 saw the opening of a major $40million upgrade to the park that included road access, camping facilities and recreational sites.  Other new facilities include picnic areas, viewing platforms and walk trails to Barrens Beach, Barrens Lookout, Four Mile Beach, East Mount Barren, Point Ann, Hamersley Inlet and Cave Point.

All main recreational sites and campgrounds on the eastern side of the park are now accessible by a sealed all-weather bitumen arterial road from Hopetoun to Hamersley Inlet. Park fees apply.


Managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Visitors can pre purchase an annual park pass from the Ravensthorpe Museum in Morgans Street, Ravensthorpe - Hopetoun Community Resource Centre in Veal Street, Hopetoun, or purchase a day pass at one of the entrances to the park. Camping fees apply at campsites. 

Hopetoun is the closet town to the Eastern entrance to the park. Fitzgerald River National Park Accommodation  

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International Biosphere

The Fitzgerald River National Park is the centre of the Fitzgerald Biosphere.

It has been UNESCO Biosphere reserve-listed since 1978.  

This listing recognises the balance between conserving biological diversity, promoting economic development and maintaining cultural values.

"The Fitzgerald River National Park is without doubt the most important Mediterranean ecosystem reserve in the world. It stands out for its scientific, conservation and educational values in the same way that the Galapagos Islands do." Dr. Bernd von Droste, UNESCO

Fitzgerald River National Park

The Fitzgerald River National Park of Western Australia - Beaches, Native Orchids and Wildflowers