Holiday makers return each year to enjoy the relaxed pace of Hopetoun, the pristine beaches, the picturesque scenery, the abundance of water activities and of course the easy access to the Fitzgerald River National Park. Great accommodation, bakery, cafes, shops and town facilities are just a stroll to Hopetoun’s endless unspoiled beaches.

The Hopetoun Foreshore/Groyne is located on the main street of Hopetoun.  Find shelters, toilet facilities and grassed areas suitable for picnics & bbq's whilst enjoying a swim at the bay.  Later watch the sun setting over the ocean and East Mt Barren.

The "Groyne" is the present breakwater which replaced the old jetty, here holiday makers and locals alike launch their boats or fish off of the jetty and rocks while children play on the pontoon in the bay, paddle boarders’ cruise the coastline, and kite surfers enjoy the break.  Surf is around, with a bit of swell, your bound to get your board wet and pick up some good waves.

McCulloch Park

McCulloch Park is situated on the amazing foreshore in town on Veal Street, Hopetoun.  It boasts a large bouncy cushion and various newly erected nature play equipment, a fenced off playground for the littler ones and a historic train station for the historians.

The Port Hotel

The Port Hotel (Built 1907) is situated adjacent to the Southern Ocean & McCulloch Park.  Further up the street is a Chemist, General Store, IGA, Cafe's, Shipwrecked Bakery, Real Estate Agency & Hardware Store.  Wavecrest Tavern is located just a few kilometres from town.

Southern Ocean Road

Follow the Southern Ocean Road to access more quiet beaches, fishing spots, quiet pools and several coastal lookouts. With recent floods in February 2017, access to Masons Bay & Starvation Bay is unavailable via the Southern Ocean Road (although still accessible via Springdale Road). 

YES - We are an RV Friendly town!

We are an RV Friendly town, with a designated area on the Southern Ocean Road providing sites for fully self contained vehicles*

Mason Bay & Starvation Bay

Camping is available at Mason Bay & Starvation Bay with beachfront campsites, and toilet facilities. Both campsites are very sheltered and have boat launching area's. Swimming lessons are also very popular during Summer at Starvation Bay.  Camp fees are very reasonable, each camp site is $10/night/site.

Munglinup Beach

Continuing east along Springdale Road past Lake Shaster is access to the beautiful Munglinup Beach with headlands, a reef, campsites and the Oldfield River Estuary.

Fitzgerald River National Park

Heading west from Hopetoun you will have direct access to the Fitzgerald River National Park via Hamersley Drive (Sealed Road). For more information click here.

Accessibility of Roads

Please contact our Visitors Centre click here, the Fitzgerald Coast Tourism Association 0400 499 267 or the Shire of Ravensthorpe click here to check the accessibility of roads.

Enjoy your stay at the Fitzgerald Coast and make some wonderful memories!