A creative project transforming country infrastructure into sites of world class mural art. Over the past three years the PUBLIC Silo Trail project has created murals on grain silos in Northam, Ravensthorpe, Merredin, Albany, Newdegate and Pingrup, and on public walls and transformer boxes throughout Katanning.

Take art out of galleries. Daub it thrillingly high and deliciously differently. Make it far flung. Monumental. Visible from remote highways and over treetops. Emblazon it in unexpected places. On CBH Group grain silos. Farming infrastructure. Make it art that tells a story- about a people or a place. About the budding cycle of its wildflowers, the beautiful species of seadragon found only off the coast. Create a trail that invites people to explore Western Australia and you have the PUBLIC Silo Trail.

follow this webpage for more info on the trail: