Hopetoun Ravensthorpe Railway Heritage Walk Trail

The Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe Heritage Walk Trail is a trail rich in wildflowers, natural beauty and history and 54kms in length. The walk trail follows the abandoned railway line between the coastal town of Hopetoun and inland Ravensthorpe and can be completed in stages with the trail divided into 4 sections. To download the brochure click here Desmond to Kundip Railway Heritage Walk Trail brochure.


9kms allow 3-4 hours

The Desmond to Kundip section was the first section of the Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe railway to be developed into a heritage walk trail. Desmond is 11kms south east of Ravensthorpe and 38kms north of Hopetoun.

Along this section of the trail you will experience the natural bushland of the Ravensthorpe Range and the valley of the Steere River. Ravensthorpe is renowned for its extensive concentration of Eucalypts and is noted for having the largest diversity of flowering plants for its size in the world. The area embraces many rich landforms ranging from ancient rocky hills to vast sand plains and rich red soils. The vast number of plant species is probably due to the wide variation of rocks, soil nutrients and climate over a small area.

Located within the UNESCO listed Fitzgerald Biosphere region, you can expect to see the wildflowers all year round but spring boasts the largest number of exhibits. The area is known for its birdlife and small creatures like lizards and geckos. You may also see kangaroos, emus, snakes and goannas enroute as well.

Desmond to Kundip MapFull Trail (54kms)