Hopetoun Ravensthorpe Railway Heritage Walk Trail

The Hopetoun-Ravensthorpe Heritage Walk Trail is a trail rich in wildflowers, natural beauty and history and 54kms in length. The walk trail follows the abandoned railway line between the coastal town of Hopetoun and inland Ravensthorpe and can be completed in stages with the trail divided into 4 sections. Please note that the trail is not linked with a 5th section from Lee Creek to Dunn Swamp near Hopetoun not complete as the railway line passed through private property. 

Hopetoun trailhead loop SECTION

14kms allow 3-4 hours

To download the brochure click here Hopetoun Trailhead Loop Railway Heritage Walk Trail brochure.

The Hopetoun Trailhead Loop can be walked in sections as there are several entry and exit points. Hopetoun Loop is one of the four sections of the Railway Heritage Walk Trails that you can do close to the Hopetoun townsite with many choosing to start the trail from the jetty or McCulloch Park. The time taken to walk the trail will vary but if you are planning on completing the whole loop you should allow a minimum of 3-4 hours and to ensure whenever bush walking, that you carry plenty of water with you and be wearing suitable clothing and footwear.  Please note that some parts of the trail is quite sandy and not suitable for mountain bikes.

Along this section of the trail you will experience the natural bushland, flora, fauna and historic sites including Dunn's Swamp and with the option to take a slightly alternative return via the junction to the old Beacon Lookout. 

Located within the UNESCO listed Fitzgerald Biosphere region, you can expect to see wildflowers all year round but spring boasts the largest number of exhibits.

 Hopetoun Trailhead Loop Map

Full Trail (54kms)