Munglinup is a small town located along the South Coast Highway between Ravensthorpe and Esperance on Western Australia's Fitzgerald Biosphere Coast and close to the Munglinup River. It is approximately a seven hour drive south east of Perth. Munglinup Beach and reef are ideal for safe swimming and snorkelling. It also boasts picturesque views of the winding inlet into the Oldfield Estuary and a small boat access for those keen to fish for local salmon, skippy, herring, salmon trout and gummy shark.

Munglinup Beach and Oldfield River Estuary offers visitors a number of activities to explore in this pristine area.

There is access to the estuary and deep river for small boats, kayaks or canoes. A nature bush walk trail leads through bush along the river to the ocean. Along the way you can find wildflowers all year round and you also have a good chance to view local wildlife.

The Oldfield Estuary is the perfect place to take a kayak or canoe and quietly paddle along to observe the many water birds and untouched bush land.

If you enjoy fishing, there are plenty of opportunities in the river or from the beach.  Looking for a secluded beach? You need not go any further – it’s just around the corner.

Munglinup Beach forms a lagoon that is protected by a reef and you can swim or snorkel, enjoy the underwater world or just relax on the beach.

Munglinup Beach Holiday Park offers quality holiday accommodation facilities in natural surrounds and is opposite the Oldfield Estuary. Maps and local area information are available at their reception.

Munglinup Beach Campground

Further down the road you will find Munglinup Beach Campground which is located 130km from Esperance and managed by the Shire of Esperance.  Although unsealed, the campsite has a good road surface, making it easily accessible by 2WD has on site toilet facilities and non-potable water. No bookings required as sites are available on a first in basis. For campground fees please contact the Esperance Visitor Centre or the Shire of Esperance. 

Dogs are allowed at the campground but must be on a lead.  This is a remote location and you must be self-sufficient (food, drinking water, fuel) and be fully prepared for any situation especially during the fire season and please always observe the seasonal fire restrictions and warnings.

How to get there

From Ravensthorpe travel 83.5km east along South Coast Highway turn right at Fuss Road** (sealed road) and after 10.7km turn right onto Springdale Road (unsealed). After 10.1km turn left onto Munglinup Beach Road and follow 3.7km to Munglinup Beach. 

** An alternative and slightly shorter route from South Coast Highway to the campsite is via the unsealed Coxall Road which will bring you to Springdale Road where you would turn left to get to Munglinup Beach Road.

more Things to do

The Oldfield River system (Munglinup and Oldfield) and the Oldfield Estuary provides an important link between coastal and inland vegetation. The mouth of the estuary is a 200m wide sandbar which breaks every 3 to 4 years after heavy rainfall. Follow the bushland walking trails along the pristine Oldfield Estuary where you can see wildflowers all year round but are most abundant in Spring. There is a high diversity of flora within the Oldfield Catchment area which in turns supports a rich and diverse array of fauna.

The vegetation surrounding the rivers and coast provides an important habitat for birds, mammals, frogs and reptiles including: Bush Rat, Honey Possum, Kangaroo, Carpet Python, Banjo Frog, Great Egret, Hooded Plover, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Caspian Tern and the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo.

Take a short drive to Lake Shaster and go bird watching for rare birds.

Munglinup Roadhouse