Western Australia is well renown as having some of THE best beaches in the world and you won't be disappointed when you head to the Fitzgerald Biosphere Coast!

4 Mile Beach - Tourism WA

(4 Mile Beach, Fitzgerald River National Park, courtesy Tourism WA)

(Hopetoun Beach, Photographer D Bingham)

Hopetoun lies on the shores of the beautiful Mary Ann Haven on Western Australia's Fitzgerald Biosphere Coast just 30 minutes from Ravensthorpe. It's a beautiful holiday destination with a string of pristine beaches and is the gateway to the unspoilt wilderness of the Fitzgerald River National Park located just 10 minutes away.

(Photographer D Bingham)

Southern Ocean Road

East from Hopetoun is the scenic Southern Ocean Road which takes in the spectacular coastline, passing several lookout viewing points and access points to many beaches, salt water pools & fishing spots including, 2 Mile Beach, 5 Mile Beach, 12 Mile Beach, Mason Bay & Starvation Bay. 

Accessible by 2WD, Southern Ocean Road is sealed up to 12 Mile Beach, then the unsealed section meanders along the coastline past the two campgrounds before veering north to Springdale Road. Here you can loop west back to Hopetoun or head east to Munglinup and Esperance.

During extreme wet weather, it is advisable to check with the Shire on road conditions as some unsealed roads may be closed to traffic due to flooding after heavy rainfall or visit our Road Closures page.

(Southern Ocean Road heading towards Hopetoun, Photographer D Bingham)

Munglinup Beach, TWA

Munglinup Beach courtesy of Tourism WA