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Starvation bay; Mason Bay &
Hamersley Inlet Campgrounds

Only a few sites available for the March long weekend and Easter but there's still plenty of campsites for the April school holidays if you're looking for that coastal getaway for the family! Bookings are instant, so you won't need to wait to see if you have secured a site. Scroll down for more details and important information to assist you before you make your booking.

Campground Information

Check In Time: 1PM
Check Out Time: 12 Noon Sharp


Rates are for ONE accommodation vehicle per site
(Additional charges apply for extra accommodation vehicles)

Please READ and CHECK THE DESCRIPTION and PHOTOS of the campsite
you are selecting to ensure that it meets your needs BEFORE BOOKING
as you may not be able to change sites on arrival.

Please note that all sites marked "Tents Only" means that vehicles
cannot directly access the campsite
and need to be parked outside the immediate camp area. 
These sites are not suitable for camper trailers or vehicle pop-up tents.

at Starvation Bay and Mason Bay campgrounds (No Fires during a Total Fire Ban)

NO FIRES OR PETS PERMITTED at Hamersley Inlet campground
(located within the Fitzgerald River National Park)

Caravans are not permitted on unsealed roads within the Fitzgerald River National Park and the status of unsealed roads could change at short notice especially after rain. Please check with local Parks and Wildlife staff or DBCA's Park Alerts before travel. We recommend accessing the National Park to Hamersley Inlet campground via the southern section of Hamersley Drive (sealed section), near Hopetoun.


To help improve the visitor experience the Shire of Ravensthorpe has changed the way Starvation Bay, Mason Bay and Hamersley Inlet campgrounds are managed. Now you must plan and book ahead your campsite through our new online booking system hosted by SpacetoCo

The new advance booking system will mean that you can have the confidence of knowing you have somewhere to stay, rather than having to worry that the campground may be full on arrival. You will also be able to choose your campsite, which will allow friends or family to book sites close together (subject to availability).

A new feature to assist you with checking availability of campsites is now available. You can search by dates to see which campsites are available to book across all of the Shire of Ravensthorpe's campsites or if you know which campground you would like to stay in, you can narrow your search by adding in the name of the campground in the search box (which can be found in the advance filters). 


Although not all of the search functions are functional (eg currently cannot search by category such as type of accommodation vehicle), we thought it was important to provide access immediately to enable you to search by date which should assist in finding a campsite especially during peak periods. To start searching click on the following link Ravensthorpe Campground Overnight Search. Or if you are on the main campground booking page you can access the Availability search page by clicking on the "View Host's Accommodation" button located next to the Message Host (see example below) 

What you need to know before your book

It is a requirement if you wish to stay at any of the Shire of Ravensthorpe's campgrounds, to pre-book and pay for your site BEFORE ARRIVAL. Camp fees are standard across our campgrounds and are $19 per night/per site with one (1) accommodation vehicle permitted per site. You can share your site with another camper but additional charges apply and you must be able to fit all vehicles within your designated campsite area. If choosing to stay at Hamersley Inlet Campground, camp fees do not include National Park entry fees and a Parks Pass is required which is payable to Parks and Wildlife WA.

All of our campgrounds are unpowered, with drop-toilet facilities and you will need to bring your own water. Potable water is available in Hopetoun, Ravensthorpe and Munglinup see our Camping in the Fitzgerald Coast page for location details or pick up one of our colour maps from the Visitor Centre or local businesses.

Bookings are INSTANT BOOKING (except during restricted periods when bookings may be changed to Pending awaiting approval). What this means is that you will be able to see which sites are available at the time of your booking, able to book the sites for the dates you wish to stay and once you've confirmed the booking, the site will be booked to you and the payment processed.  Before finalising your booking, ensure you have checked your dates, that you've provided all vehicle registrations and you have read the details of the campsite you are selecting carefully including viewing the photos including any site descriptions (to ensure that it meets your needs) as once your booking has been confirmed, it is non-refundable (if you made an error and your booking has been processed, DO NOT CANCEL or REBOOK, please read further below on what you need to do).

No-Show / Early Departure / Check In / Check Out

A common complaint of campers is the frustration of having campsites being booked up months ahead during peak season yet, finding when visiting the area that the campgrounds are half empty with people changing their minds or holiday plans. To help try and alleviate this problem, we have included a No-Show / Early Departure policy within our Terms and Conditions. This means that if you do not show for your first night of your booking or if your campsite appears vacated and you have made no contact to advise that your arrival has been delayed or that you still require your booking, your booking may be deemed as a no-show or early departure and we reserve the right to cancel your booking and re-release your site back into the system (especially during high occupancy periods).

If you need to cancel your booking (non-refundable) you can do so from your SpacetoCo account or you can email us and we will do it for you. However, we want you to visit, so why not reschedule your plans and contact us to change your booking instead (conditions apply)?

Check In Time: 1PM If you arrive a bit early and it is obvious that the campsite has been vacated, you don't need to wait to move in. 

Check Out Time: 12 Noon Sharp It is essential that you have vacated the site no later than 12 noon on the day of your departure as there may be another booking following and please ensure that the site is clear of all rubbish and left in a condition ready for the next camper. 

ALL BOOKINGS (EACH CAMPSITE) REQUIRE VEHICLE REGISTRATION/S to be provided. Great news, the booking site now provides a space for you to add your vehicle registrations. You will not be able to complete your booking without providing your details and we need ALL vehicle registrations so as not to mistaken your vehicle as an illegal camper. If you cannot provide your registration at the time of booking or if hiring your vehicle follow the booking instructions but this information must be provided PRIOR to arrival . We also ask that you carry a copy of your booking (either paper or digital) to show proof of booking for compliance purposes if required by a camp host (if available) or Ranger.

To avoid disappoint, pre-book your site BEFORE you arrive at the campground as mobile and data signal is very intermittent to non-existent and it may be difficult to try and book using your mobile device. Otherwise, you may have to leave the campground and travel some distance in an attempt to find a location with a strong enough signal strength to complete the booking process. Avoid the stress and book ahead as you won't be able to stay at the campground without a confirmed booking.

What if I made an error with my booking or need to make changes?

Please contact us through your SpacetoCo account on what the error was and the changes required and depending on the amount of notice and subject to availability, we will do our best to assist you (enquiries through the SpacetoCo site are monitored during the working week by a number of staff). Please ensure you include a contact number in case we need to contact you to clarify or discuss. If you require a site or date change, DO NOT book another site as this will deem your existing booking a cancellation which is non-refundable and if the change is urgent contact the Shire office.  Change requests are only handled during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 9am-4pm). If you're unsure and need assistance, please contact the Shire (08) 9839 0000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm).

What information do I need to provide?

We've tried to keep the process as simple as possible as we know some of you will be booking whilst travelling between destinations. Although campground site maps are provided within the booking portal, you may wish to view the site maps prior to heading to the booking site. The maps that previously appeared on this page now have their own page (Downloadable Campground Maps) where you will also find useful directions to each campground.


When you book for the first time, you will be asked to sign up and set up a login account with our booking agent SpacetoCo, It is a simple process but please ensure that you complete all of the details required as this information may be used to verify you by the Rangers or Camp Host. To set up the account you will need an email address (that you can access) which will be your login and you will be asked to create a password. You will also need a valid credit card to make payment and finalise the booking process. Payment is made once your booking has been successfully finalised. 

For any future bookings, all you need to do is simply login to your SpacetoCo account and book your site. 

Each time you book, you will need to answer a few simple questions which helps us identify you including; whether you will be travelling with a vehicle, caravan, campervan, camper trailer; if you are travelling with a pet or bringing a boat.  If you answer yes to any of the vehicle questions, you will need to provide the registration details otherwise you will not be able to complete your booking (you may want to have this information handy before you start the booking).  

Can I just ring and make a booking?

No, you must book directly online as the only way we can book and take payment on your behalf is to access your personal login (which you should always keep secure). We are happy for you to contact us for guidance but you will need to make the booking. 

I plan on hiring my vehicle and I don't know the vehicle registration. What do I do to complete my booking?

If you will be hiring your vehicle we understand that this information will not be known until you pick up your vehicle. Not to worry, at the time of booking you can put "HIRE VEHICLE" in the vehicle registration box section and then select the type of vehicle you will be hiring eg Campervan, Motorhome etc.  You are required to provide the vehicle registration details prior to arrival which you can do via your SpacetoCo account or contacting the Shire office (08) 9839 0000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm) so that we can attach to your booking details so that the Rangers do not mistaken you for an illegal camper. If you're unsure and need assistance, please contact the Shire (08) 9839 0000 (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm) or email .

What do I do if my vehicle details have changed from when I made my booking?

Just send us a message via your SpacetoCo account or if urgent contact the Shire (08) 9839 0000 during office hours and we will update the information attached to your booking.

I want to book Four Mile Campground in the National Park but cannot find it on your SpacetoCo campground page?

Four Mile Campground is managed by Parks and Wildlife WA (DBCA) and not the Shire of Ravensthorpe. To book, you will need to visit the Explore Parks WA website search for the campground under Park Stay WA. 

Start Booking

Click on the "Book Your Campsite Now" link below to view our campgrounds and to start booking. If you would like to view and download the site maps for a particular campground beforehand, click on the relevant links above. More information about our campgrounds can be found on our Camping in the Fitzgerald Biosphere Coast page.


The booking system is still being developed and we're aware that it can be difficult to find sites for longer stays during peak times To assist you to search for a site, go to our Availability Guide page by Clicking on this link


Each year for the SUMMER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (December/January) both Starvation Bay and Mason Bay Campgrounds Bookings are kept on hold as part of the Shire's Priority Booking Program to ensure that local families with children enrolled in the Education Department's VACSwim program have the opportunity to undertake their annual swimming lessons. 

To enable this to happen the bookings are released in three stages several months prior. The actual release dates will vary each year as it is dependent when enrollments open for the VAC Swim Program but as a guide will usually be announced July/August .

  1. VAC Swim Starvation Bay Participant's Family only
  2. Local Resident/Ratepayers Priority Booking period
  3. General Bookings

We recommend that you have a login for SpacetoCo where announcements will be made or you can follow us on our @FitzgeraldBiosphereCoast Facebook page or simply check this website. Please note that we are unable to keep a wait list or able to notify individuals due to the high volume of interest.


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